Who Can See the Content in my Studio dashboard?

Modified on Sun, 14 May 2023 at 04:09 PM

A thriving MarketScale Studio ecosystem relies on a robust user base, encompassing various members from your community, including executives, engineers, subject matter experts, and even external contributors. With a growing user base comes increased visibility and access to the platform. 

To ensure appropriate access levels and maintain data privacy, MarketScale Studio offers tiered user profiles that restrict visibility based on user roles and responsibilities. This article provides an overview of the different visibility levels within MarketScale Studio and how they can be utilized to optimize user engagement and content management.

Different Levels of Visibility in MarketScale Studio:


Admin users have complete visibility and control over the entire platform.

They can view and manage content awaiting approval, track pending requests, and access all approved content.

Admins play a crucial role in overseeing platform operations, ensuring quality control, and maintaining the integrity of the content.

Standard Users:

Standard users have visibility limited to approved content within their dashboard.

They can view and comment on media within the dashboard, enabling collaboration and engagement.

Standard users often include members who actively contribute to the platform and require access to approved content for their roles.


Contributors are members of your Studio organization who have restricted visibility and can only interact with the platform when prompted.

They may be invited to record a soundbite, participate in a podcast, or create content using the course builder.

Once their media request is fulfilled, contributors have zero visibility into the specific content they contributed, maintaining data privacy and confidentiality.

Managing User Visibility for Optimal Engagement:

By leveraging the different visibility levels available in MarketScale Studio, you can tailor user access to suit their roles and responsibilities, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience. Here are some best practices to consider:

Assigning Admin Privileges:

Grant admin privileges to trusted individuals who require complete visibility and control over the platform.

Admins should possess a deep understanding of the platform's functionality and be responsible for overseeing content approval and management.

Identifying Standard Users:

Determine users who actively contribute to the platform and require access to approved content within their dashboard.

Standard users play a crucial role in engaging with existing content, providing feedback, and collaborating with other users.

Engaging Contributors:

Invite contributors to participate in specific activities or tasks, such as recording media or creating content.

Ensure contributors understand that their visibility is limited to their individual contributions and that they do not have access to other content once their media request is fulfilled.


Effectively managing user visibility within MarketScale Studio is essential for maintaining a healthy and thriving ecosystem. By leveraging the different visibility levels, including admin, standard, and contributor roles, you can tailor access privileges to meet the needs of your diverse user base. This approach enhances collaboration, protects data privacy, and ensures that users have the appropriate level of visibility and engagement based on their roles and responsibilities.

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