Reviewing and Approving Media in MarketScale

Modified on Sun, 14 May 2023 at 11:42 AM

MarketScale offers a streamlined solution for reviewing, approving, and polishing community-generated content, whether it's raw footage or a professionally edited video. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of reviewing and approving media using the MarketScale platform, ensuring efficient collaboration with your team and seamless content management. 


(1) Locating Media in Studio Inbox 

After media has been recorded or uploaded in the Studio, Approvers and Administrators can find it in their Inbox. To access the Inbox, simply click on the Inbox icon located in the top right corner of the Studio interface on any page. 


(2) Identifying Videos Pending Approval 

The Inbox displays videos that require either Approval or Declination. You can easily recognize these videos by the presence of the Approve and Decline buttons in the top right corner of the submission. 


(3) Initiating the Review Process 

To start reviewing a video, click on the Proofing button located in the bottom right corner of the submission. 


(4) Accessing the Proofing Interface 

Clicking on Proofing opens the Proofing interface for the selected submission. To begin watching the video, click the play button. 


(5) Providing Feedback on Videos 

Pause the video at any time to leave notes and suggestions using the Feedback box at the bottom of the interface. To submit your suggestion, click the Submit button in the bottom right corner of the Feedback pane, or press Enter on your keyboard.  

PRO TIP: Don't hesitate to make suggestions, even if you think they might not be achievable in editing. MarketScale's editing team will address all suggestions in good faith. 


(6) Tracking Feedback within the Proofing Tool 

The Proofing tool maintains a log of all submitted feedback on the right side of the interface. 


(7) Reviewing Media Thoroughly 

Continue with steps (4) through (6) until you have thoroughly reviewed the media. Once you have completed the review process, click the Go Back button in the top left corner of the screen to return to the media record. 


(8) Approving the Video 

With your video fully reviewed, you can now approve it by clicking the Approve button in the top right corner. 



Congratulations! You have successfully reviewed and approved a video using the MarketScale platform, setting the stage for seamless editing and content management. By following these steps, you can ensure effective collaboration and enhance the overall quality of your organization's media assets.

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