How and When to use Open Request

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MarketScale Studio offers an Open Request feature that allows you to streamline your media collection process and gather footage efficiently. This article will guide you through the steps to use the Open Request feature effectively, as well as provide insights into the reasons why you should consider using it.

How to Use the Open Request Feature in MarketScale Studio:

Accessing the Open Request Tab:

Launch MarketScale Studio and navigate to the third tab, the green Media Request button.

From the available options, select the second option titled "Get Open Request Link."

Creating Your Prompt or Question:

Craft your prompt or question that will serve as the request for media submissions. You can include multiple fields to gather specific information from contributors. MarketScale also has predefined questions to deploy or use for inspiration

Selecting an Approver:

Choose an approver who will be responsible for tracking and reviewing the submissions as they come in. This allows you to maintain visibility and control over the collected media.

Generating and Sharing the Link:

Once you have finalized your request details, click on the "Create Link" button.

MarketScale Studio will generate a unique link that you can share via your preferred communication medium. This can include email, chat, project management tools, or any other platform that suits your workflow.

Reasons to Use the Open Request Feature in MarketScale Studio:

Gathering Footage After a Large Event:

Following a significant event where multiple team members may have captured footage, the Open Request feature enables you to cast a wide net and collect media from all contributors.

Instead of sending a request to each person across your company or attendees, you can simply share the open link and allow them to submit their footage directly.

Sharing with a Large Email Group or Pre-set List:

When you need to communicate the media request to a large email group or a predefined list of recipients, using the Open Request feature simplifies the process.

By sharing the open link, you can ensure that all relevant stakeholders receive the request and have an opportunity to contribute their media.

Streamlining Communication with Ongoing Conversations:

The Open Request feature eliminates the need to find and share the direct Studio media request email when you are already engaged in ongoing conversations.

If you are discussing media requirements with someone, you can conveniently send them the direct open link for an immediate response, without the need for additional steps.


Utilizing the Open Request feature in MarketScale Studio empowers you to efficiently gather media submissions and streamline the process of collecting footage. Whether you are following a large event, communicating with a group, or engaging in ongoing conversations, the Open Request feature simplifies the media collection workflow, ensuring a seamless experience for all contributors.

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