How to use the MarketScale Request Tool

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Learn how to quickly capture high-quality media with MarketScale's request tool! In this tutorial, we'll show you how to gather social videos, soundbites, and interviews from your customers, employees, subject matter experts, and anyone else you may need without the need for a full video crew. Get started today and start capturing great content with just a mobile phone camera or webcam!

Full Tutorial:

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Accessing the Request Tool

To begin, access the MarketScale Studio and click on the 'Request Tool' located at the top of the page.

2. Choose the Community

In the Request Tool, you will see four sections. The first section is called 'Community'. Here, you can choose from 'Internal Colleagues', 'External Users', or you can get an 'Open Link'. Choose the appropriate option based on who you want to capture content from.

3. Select the Users

Next, you will need to select the users you are requesting the media from. This can be anyone currently in your organization, or anyone you wish to add. To do this:

Type the name of the person in the search bar.

Select the person from the list that appears below.

The selected user will appear below the search bar, indicating that they are set to receive the request.

If you've selected the wrong person, simply click on their name to remove them.

4. Add External Receivers

If you want to include someone outside your organization:

Type the name of the external user in the search bar.

Click on 'Add as external receiver'.

They will be added as a recipient of the request.

5. Direction

In this section, you'll need to specify what the captured media will be used for. This could be for a social media soundbite, for internal employees, for external customers or prospects, or for an event such as a conference or trade show.

6. Adding a Prompt or Questions

You can add an open-ended prompt or specific questions for your respondents:

For an open-ended prompt: Simply type in your prompt. It should be broad enough that respondents can answer in a variety of ways.

For specific questions: Click on 'Add a question' and type in your question. To add more questions, click on the plus (+) icon.

You can also select from predefined questions by searching the category and clicking on your preferred question.

7. Save Questions as Predefined

To save your custom questions as predefined for future use:

Click 'Save as predefined question'.

Input a title for your question set.

Select which category it falls under.

Add a thumbnail image if desired.

Click 'Save'.

8. Choose the Vibe

Choose the vibe that describes how you want the respondent to present the content.

9. Add Additional Notes

You can add any additional instructions or notes for the respondent in this field.

10. Select Who Will Approve the Media

Select the person in your organization who needs to approve the media after it has been submitted.

11. Submit the Request

Click 'Submit' to send the request to the selected individuals.

Open Link Request

If you selected 'Open Link' in step 2, you would need to follow all the steps as above. However, at the end, instead of clicking 'Submit', you'll click 'Create Link'. You can copy this link and send it via email, text, Teams chat, or even post it on social media for respondents to click and submit their responses.

Responding to a Request

Respondents can decline the request, record a response directly on their

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