How to Create a Media Request in MarketScale

Modified on Tue, 16 May 2023 at 08:46 AM

The Media Request in MarketScale is the most powerful tool to decentralize your media creation amongst members of your community. Whether you’re requesting media from members of your team or Contributors, follow these simple steps to generate a Media Request.


From the Dashboard in MarketScale, click the green Media Request icon third from the left in the media creation window at the top of the page.


Once you have accessed Media Request, there are four simple steps to complete and send the Request for your respondent:


Select a user or add email address


Select approver

(3) Community

In the Community section, select Internal Colleagues and External Users to send a Media Request to specific recipients

PRO TIP: you can also select Get Open Request Link to generate an open-access Request. This operation is covered in this article:

(4) Select a user or add email address

In this section, simply select the User or Users to whom you will send your Media Request. You can search for Users by typing or copy and pasting their name(s) and email(s). Simply click their profiles to add them to the Request.

NOTE: you are able to send one-time Requests to External Users by entering email addresses for External respondents.

(5) Direction

There are four sections in Direction:

Primary Distribution Channel

Prompt or question


Additional notes

In Primary Distribution Channel, click the icon for which channel is most accurate for the eventual use of this media: Social, Internal, External, or Event.

In Prompt or question, enter your prompt or question in the free-text field. You have the option to add multiple prompts or questions by clicking the + icon to the right of the text field.

PRO TIP: you also have the option to use Predefined Questions. MarketScale has a wealth of predefined question sets for numerous applications like sales, marketing, HR, and more.

PRO TIP: you also have the option to save your custom prompt(s) / questions by using the Save as predefined question option. Once you have input your prompt(s) / question(s), just click Save as predefined question and follow the steps to title, tag, and image your question set for use by any member of your team in the future.

In Vibe, click the icon for which vibe you would like your respondent to achieve in their media submission: Enthusiastic, Thought Leadership, Charismatic, Formal, or Educational.

Finally, use Additional Notes to include any additional notes or guidance that will help your respondent to successfully fulfil your request.

PRO TIP: you can attach files to this section if you have items like outlines or presentations that will help your respondent to best acquit the request.

(6) Select approver

In Select approver, simply click the profile icon for the teammate or teammates you need to approve your media for collaboration and editing. 

PRO TIP: when in doubt, simply select yourself as the approver. Your Administrators will be able to follow along with the media whether they are tagged or not!


Finally, check your work on all steps to ensure everything looks perfectly in order. 


Submit in the bottom right corner of your request to send it to your chosen respondents.

Congratulations, you have successfully sent your Media Request!

The platform will yield a Request confirmation window where you can see your inputs. Simultaneously, the platform will send an email notification to your respondent. They will be able to click the CTA in their email notification to access the platform directly to Record or Upload their media.

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