What to Expect on Live Broadcast or Event Day

Modified on Sun, 14 May 2023 at 02:16 PM

Welcome to MarketScale's live event production day!  This article will guide you through the process and provide an overview of what to expect on the actual broadcast day.

Preparing for the Broadcast: 

Before the live event, we request that all in-person participants arrive at our office at least one hour prior to going live. Remote participants should join our digital platform 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. This dedicated time before the event is crucial and follows the standard procedure for any broadcast. For detailed information on visiting the MarketScale office, please refer to our visiting guidelines post.

Final Broadcast Check: 

Once all participants are in their respective positions, either in person or on our digital platform, we initiate the final broadcast check. Our production team meticulously goes through their pre-production checklist to ensure that everything is ready for the live broadcast. This step is essential, and our team members work efficiently to perform final checks on all the gear and systems involved.

Going Live: 

After completing the checklist, we are ready to go live! The broadcast will be streamed through your MarketScale Live page and any other designated sources you have arranged for the event. Please note that if you wish to stream the live event to sources outside of your MarketScale Live page, we can usually accommodate this request. However, advance setup is necessary, including verification of the sources and configuration of stream keys. Please note that day-of additions are not possible.

The Live Experience: 

As the broadcast start time approaches, our team will initiate a countdown timer to inform everyone that the stream is about to begin. When the countdown ends, they will announce that the broadcast is live and provide the timing for the first speaker to start their introduction.

Expect an atmosphere of high energy during the live event. Regardless of participants' experience with broadcasts, there is always an electrifying ambiance as the final countdown begins. This energy helps engage the audience, but it's important for guests to be prepared for the excitement.

In-Person Experience: 

At the office, guests will notice a red light indicating the camera currently being streamed and a green light signaling the next camera in line. Additionally, a confidence monitor will be set up to show individuals being filmed the final stream output. This monitor displays the on-camera participants, remote participants, as well as any graphics and videos appearing on the screen. Typically positioned beneath the center camera, it allows presenters to easily check their appearance.

Remote Experience:

Remote guests will have access to the final stream and their own input through our MarketScale Live digital platform. For them, it's akin to having a conversation in a Zoom meeting.

Segment Breaks and Transitions: 

Depending on the broadcast format, there may be segment breaks or assets that punctuate the event. Our team will announce these transitions and manage the talent and asset changes happening behind the scenes.

Engaging with the Audience: 

We recommend assigning a dedicated person to monitor and interact with the chat during the live event. Here are some best practices they should follow:

1. Comment before the show starts: Welcome everyone and share any important messages related to the broadcast.

2. Engage with chat participants: Respond to viewers' comments and encourage further engagement. The more you interact with them, the more likely they are to participate.

3. Monitor chat behavior: Keep an eye out for any abusive or inappropriate comments. If necessary, remove offending content or block users promptly and inform your MarketScale contact.

4. Share valuable snippets: Supplement the speaker's content when needed. You're part of the team and can contribute to enhancing the overall broadcast experience through the chat.

Pro Tip: 

Encourage early engagement by rallying a group to actively participate in the chat before the broadcast starts. When people see others commenting and sharing

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