3D Pre-Production

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MarketScale creates 3D videos through a structured, milestone-based process that involves active participation from both the client and MarketScale. The pre-production milestones include asset collection, script writing, and storyboarding, each of which includes a client approval process.

This approach ensures that there are no surprises during video production, resulting in revisions that are usually minor and reserved for quality revisions rather than content changes.  

Milestone 1:  Asset Collection – Comprehensive Survey and STEP File Review

(Example of what a STEP file looks like when it is first imported into our software.)


Starting a 3D video project requires a thorough and accurate 3D Survey. Once filled out correctly, the survey provides all the necessary information for creating the script. One of the survey's most valuable features is the ability to upload a STEP file directly to it, enabling us to review it more efficiently. If the file is too large, it can be sent separately.

After reviewing the STEP file in our software, we take screenshots of the product and send them to you for approval. While reviewing these images, we commonly encounter issues such as incorrect file types, incorrect products, empty files, or incorrect levels of detail. However, you can resolve these issues by communicating clearly with the engineering team and they can adjusting the level of detail in the export settings.

Once the correct file is verified, we move on to the next step, the Script and Brainstorm phase.


Milestone 2:  Script Writing – Script and Brainstorm

(Example of what a Brainstorm/Script could look like. Script/VO on the left, visual description in the center, and callouts on the right.)

The Script and Brainstorm phase follows the STEP file review phase. The script is based on the information provided in the survey. The 3D team creates a split script from the script that includes the voiceover or callouts on one side and a description of the visuals on the other. 

This format enables us to visualize the timing of the animation and provides a clear plan for the storyboard. This is reviewed by all relevant parties, including the legal team, product team, and engineers. This review process ensures that the key information is accurate, which minimizes the need for major revisions later on.


Milestone 3: Storyboard

(Example of the first page of a storyboard)

The final and crucial part of the 3D Pre-Production process is the Storyboard. This stage involves creating a series of images that showcase the planned visuals for the final video or as close to it as possible. The VO or Callouts and the animation description accompany each image.


The storyboard review provides an opportunity to examine the visuals' details and accuracy and make any necessary changes to the script. Upon approval of the storyboard, pre-production is finished and we move forward to the production phase to create the 3D Video.

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